A Brighter Future

Pledge $1 or $2 of every product sold
to the education of talented children around the globe
This is not only a project. It’s a cause.

It’s the reason we are here. We aim to do good. And this is how we do it. We are fortunate to have receive great education, one way or another.

Why not passing it forward? This is our way to say thank you, and also our way to do something meaningful with our lives and that transcend ourselves and our organization.

Aimfully Foundation is the non-profit branch of AimfulMedia which sole purpose is to provide higher education to talented children in the developing world.

The Aimfully Foundation Pledge

We encourage businesses and organizations to pledge to contribute part of their revenue to the Aimfully Foundation.

Visit www.aimfullyfoundation.com to see how you can participate.


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