Locks Co

Ramping Up A Sixty Year Old Company

Are you curious what we can do for your business? Locks Co, a multi-million dollar wholesale distributor of locks, door hardware and security systems for commercial and residential facilities asked us to create and run their marketing department and e-commerce infrastructure. We did a complete overhaul of this sixty year old company and brought them to the digital age.

AimfulMedia is responsible for the creation and execution of their marketing strategies, keeping an ongoing communication with thousands of clients and implementing diverse promotional campaigns focused on ROI and lead generation. We coordinate directly with the sales team and IT department to better serve their clients and increase their market share.

Among the most noticeable implementations we’ve done for this award-winning company is creating an attractive and consistent branding and image, creating their social media presence, focusing on LinkedIn as a B2B company, and restructuring their product data management practices. With over 20,000 items this was no small challenge, but we successfully brought outdated data back to life, implemented e-commerce ready, sortable and searchable content to make it easier for their customer to find products.

Along with Triactive Media, we ramped up their website to be mobile friendly, informative, easy to use and with a cleaner, faster checkout process. We have increased the number of registered customers by more than 400% over less than a year.

We designed, developed, printed and mailed a 180-page catalog (print and digital version) in high-quality, full color paper. On top of that, we translated it to Spanish and did it all over again. Amazing results across the board.

We run various weekly highly-targeted promotions, newsletter and marketing campaigns with 21%-43% engagement.—that’s twice as high as the standard in their industry. Trough our cold emailing and email marketing techniques we have developed an affordable way to reach out to new customers, keeping them engaged and satisfied.

In addition to these practices, we help manage their ever-growing and complex ERP system and mold it to their sales team needs, and we run successful PPC campaigns, SEO, content creation and SEM.

Over 400% new customers in the past last 12 months alone

The sky is the limit

We believe loyalty is build over time, and loyal customers know when a company cares for them. We care for our customers’ customers, and provide them with content that is relevant to them, always.


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